1. I know 5 languages as I am an Indian whose main language is HINDI and I read in ENGLISH medium school. I live is Assam a state of India where ASSAMESE is used and I my father is BENGALI and my mother is MANIPURI .

    So, I know Hindi,English,Assamese,Bengali and Manipuri

  2. Some of these people have learned 15+ languages in their "school years"

    Babe the only reason I know Korean and Spanish is because I'm mixed.
    French is taken in highschool,
    And Brazilian Portuguese is practically Spanish a bit different.

    Since when was the world filled with intellectual 10 year olds 💀

  3. Here in the Philppines, TAGLISH is pretty common. Basically the combination of both the TAGALOG and ENGLISH language. A lot of Filipinos are either bilingual and/or multilingual since we have a lot of dialects in different islands. I know TAGALOG(just a bit, its not my dominant language), ENGLISH, and BISAYA(a dialect.)

  4. I know only about 6 languages, fluent in English and Indonesian, and pasive in Japanese. The 3 other is just, I just know some vocab + grammar of the language 😂

  5. My problem is that I can speak English like it's my first language (it's not) but I struggle to say some words in my first language and end up saying it in English (only sometimes though). I've been trilingual ever since I'd learnt to speak: one was my first language, English and the language spoken in the region that I lived in at that time. So while speaking, if I get nervous or something, I mix up all the three languages + my 3rd language (technically 4th) at school- French and become a spluttering, stammering mess.

    And now I'm trying to learn Korean, Japanese, German and Russian wish me luck!

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