1. nah this is alright. I like the stuff on the radio that sings about being country. then the song after is about being country, then the next song is about being country, then the next song is about being country and then they sing a song about being country

  2. Great artist, but this feels like a "everybody hold hands and smoke a joint and everything will be ok" kind of message. Why make such a huge effort for such an invalid point?

  3. Why is alcohol legal? Addictive and control the masses. Why is DMT and such illegal? Not addictive and opens your mind so as not to be controlled.

  4. First song I heard from Sturgill, thought the melody was good and left it there. Heard more from Sturgill and started to realize his potential
    He’s one of my favorites now. Turtles is why. It’s his lyrics and music pure and simple. I’ve listened to this genre for over 50 years. He’s the real deal
    Thanks to his band as well. Love them all but drummer sets a great pace for Sturgill’s high energy
    Together definitely an enjoyable experience. Keep it coming guys.

  5. Words that don’t mean a thing. The same writing style as Phill Collins. He just has some catch words thrown in here and there that makes weak minds think it really has meaning. It’s gibberish.

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