Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain Review: Even Veteran Smokers Can't Stop Coughing!

Strawberry cough has the sweet smell of strawberries and an expanding sensation that makes even seasoned consumers cough. It’s great for social anxiety with …


  1. I had never tried strawberry cough. every single person I ever met that smoked had smoked it. and everyone said it was good. years and tears later I finally came across it. definately makes you cough w a tickle in your throat that keeps you coughing. the aftersmell is very strong and smells great. very cerebral.

  2. This strain is definately in my top 3. I love the strawberry flavor and can usually taste it very well. Not to mention, the effects always seem to hit me just right.

  3. Great looks and density. I will always take the time for your strain reviews. I see a pot of gold strawberry cough cross coming but I'd much rather see a NL strawberry cross. Have you ever crossed the GDP and NL?

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