RICK RULE: In-Depth Natural Resources Update, ANNOUNCES MAJOR NEWS!

Sprott’s Newest Gold/Silver storage Solution on the Blockchain: EDUCATE YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY: …


  1. Hi, I do not know why I always feel some peace of mind when listening to Rick Rule. I never met this gentleman, because he is a gentleman, but I do know I could trust him. It must be a honor working with him. taking from him a golden wealth of knowledge (pun) and Humanity. My hat off for you Mr Rick Rule. Sincerely.

  2. Wow look at all this gold we have, we could lease it. Yes and we would really make a lot of money. What if people want all their gold back, we’ll worry about that when the time comes, besides we can rob Peter to pay Paul for a long time and we have a ton of lawyers making up convoluted legalese contracts that will tie up all these suckers, I mean, customers for months giving us time to buy back some gold for delivery. Sounds good let’s do it.

  3. Interesting but remember if you don't hold it you don't own it. I don't mind paying a premium for this especially when the SHTF. Also for those that keep their physical off book this will leave a trail and tax consequences. Lastly the argument that the mint is solvent etc., the Canadian government certainly isn't so don't count on your physical being safe in the mint if the government needs it. BTW the nimrods in the government sold all of the gold reserves recently. Brilliant way to turn Canada into a banana republic when the reset happens. Caveat emptor folks.

  4. Brilliant idea. Love this concept. It is great to hear Rick name some of the biggest gold companies in the world as being ready for the transparency and fee elimination that blockchain offers. Thank you for introducing us to this major new development in gold/silver trading. As a private trader, I am excited to check Tradewind Markets out!

  5. Precious metals is my favorite topic these days. Now that Sprott is bringing blockchain into the mix … it had to happen. The Tradewind Markets concept is something that I have been waiting for! The elimination of middleman fees is needed by EVERYONE who trades in precious metals. Outstanding interview and great information. Personally, I am headed straight over to their website to check this out. A big thank you to Rick Rule for bringing us this game-changer.

  6. Whenever there is chance to listen to Rick Rule I take it! I love it when he says right off the bat at 2:55 that "If anybody was going to disrupt Sprott's business, it was for sure going to be Sprott." That is gold! (pardon the pun) Rule adapts with industry changes to use them as advantages. This is the reason that I highly valuable his perspectives. Excellent interview.

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