Recessed Lighting, Flush Lights, and Pot Light Installation

How to install and wire recessed light fixtures, also known as pot lights, can lights and flush lights. The light fixtures are available as incandescent flush lights, …


  1. Hey I need to install a recess light in my bedroom what i have in my bedroom now is a light switch that runs to an outlet that i plug a lamp into the other 3 outlets stays on all the time and I have a fan in the ceiling I would like to put 3 recess lights in. how would i wire that?

  2. I have a bit of a different question. My house has cans with fluorescent lights (gx-34 connector I think they are called. I want to put in regular LED lights. Can I bypass the ballast or would that require a whole new can? I have had some people tell me the whole can needs to be replaced and others tell me I just need to bypass the ballast.

  3. never install lighting or anything with volts and current from the internet ..Every state / province / Country has it's own laws on installing for hazards and fire I.E here you can not use a 20A breaker to run light which many people do ..its against code A 15A must be used  or copper wire with alum, Many people like myself don't know Ohm's law or why there's different gauges of wire for a high amp or why not hanging wires below piping or over ducts ..DIY's kill people and burn down homes

  4. is it legal to install remodel type (non IC) recessed light in insulated ceilings? It's illegal here for sure 🙂 ? And a fire hazard …

  5. Hello Dave, I was planing to add 4 recessed light, I need to take out an old can recess and replace it with a new and a second one on that circuit, The other two will be connected in another room., Now my Question is would I be able to use the wall nuts instead of the twist one, I read something thatthey do not take stranded wire, Need Some help.besides the solid 14 wire, most of the fixtures wires are stranded also so I don;t confused myself , Thanks

  6. cat someone give me a tip on how to Unlatch the clips to take a 4' recessed can out of the ceiling. I need to get to the wiring and don't want to damage the can or drywall. Thanks. I just can't seem to get the clips to pull forward so the feet unlatch from the drywall.

  7. The fixture he used was a not an IC-rated fixture. However, the cone insert he used was adaptatble for that fixture to make it IC-rated. I'm not sure where you can find those cones. You can buy IC-rated retrofit fixtures – just be aware that the housings are typically a bit larger than non-IC-rated fixtures. Make sure you get an IC-rated fixture that easily fits into the hole you cut for the fixture.

  8. Sounds like you may have a wire with a knick in the insulation. TURN THE CIRCUIT OFF then check to make sure all your wires have the insulation fully intact and that they are not pinched. If those are not the issues, check connections again (including grounds).

  9. And the clips just magically get pressed into place? Got four of them going in a basement bedroom ceiling, and those clips do NOT just pop into place. The only part of the installation I needed help with, and you skip over it completely. Duh.

  10. thanks for the video. i'm an electrician myself. i've done minimal residential wiring, but am getting accustomed to alot of the tricks fairly quick. these videos will also help in the future. keep 'em coming!

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