Peter Hitchens on Crime, Immigration, Cannabis & the Left

It’s Episode 6 of Season 2 and we’re speaking to Peter Hitchens about law & order, the future of the Left, drug policy, immigration, conservatism and more.


  1. Am totally perplexed by the idea that blair was secretly a communist revolutionary?? he needs to point to specific policies, I cant see any that lead to communism, capitalism seems to be pretty dominant to me, what did blair do that undermined capitalism?

  2. 28:27 – timestamp where he talks about Cannabis

    The problem with many of the 'reasons' (if you can even call them that) for cannabis remaining illegal, is that most of them can be remedied by legalising cannabis.

    38:18 – "Judicious application of the criminal law" – He seems to think that if you somehow 'go hard' on people caught then it's going to magically stop and no one anywhere is going to use drugs, this quite simply is not the case, if there is money to be made criminals will do it, this is one of the arguments FOR legalisation, take the money out of the hands of organised criminal gangs, therefore they won't do it, cannabis is easy money for criminals, and the current system facilitates there money making

    There are reasons why cannabis is illegal and let me just say do your research, it has nothing to do with terrorism like this guy claims, being super strict on drugs WILL NOT WORK (just look at previous years) the only way to stop criminals making money, the only way to ensure a safe end product is to legalise it, regulate it, tax it

    look at the timber industry, using hemp instead of timber, look at the pharmaceutical industry (and how much the UK makes from it) if cannabis were legalised people would self-medicate and not take pills, losing the pharma companies money, look at the people/companies who BENEFIT from cannabis being illegal, and there, you will find why cannabis is really illegal

  3. Just completely out of touch with reality, and behind the times, everyone around the world is moving towards legalisation, just look at the success they've enjoyed in Portugal.
    Police service stretched, lost revenue and jobs through the potential legal sale of drugs, a failed drug war, and fuel being given to dangerous drug gangs and crime which we could do away with at the stroke of a pen.
    Its no coincidence that the groups that put the most money globally into lobbying to keep drugs illegal are prison officer/law enforcement unions (which is sick) and alcohol companies.
    Just look at the history of how all drugs became illegal not just Canabis, and I'll say it again: Portugal!
    He wants to find a causal link between Canabis and crime? What about between people who wear shoes and do crimes, may we find some correlation there also? Whats the ad hominem he used? I'll stick to the facts myself.

  4. It's key to point out that it's Skunk which is far more damaging than non-skunk varieties, the strength having been hugely increased as a result of intentional manipulation such as you see in the Cannabis Cup. It hasn't produced the best results in the sense that it is now far more intense than it's more natural predecessors. Skunk is everywhere due to it's yield and strength.

  5. 38:00 here by Peter's logic we shouldn't treat people with broken arms if they made a mistake – only treat people who had their arms broken by someone. Its truly too far conservative. Addiction isn't a choice, the action is. Some people with cancer have it because they smoke, like for instance his own brother. He chose cancer so we shouldn't treat him like he's sick?

  6. We can never allow ourselves to forget that the Hitchens brothers were devout "International Trotskyists" and as such not a word they say about themselves or about any rational can be trusted.
    Anyone who understands the thinking of Trotsky, immediately understands the why.

  7. Always interesting to hear Mr Hitchens input on politics . He and his Brother are/were popular because they Speak truth were most politicians just don't. It is somewhat disturbing to see the amount of laughter many of his stark comments on real issues that are deliberately ignored by the Police and govt. authorities.

  8. The legalization of a drug is irreversible. As if it matters. Its out in the open as it is. Only now there are people who dont believe the lies used to support the continuation of prohibition which does more harm than the drug itself. Most, if not all, lies have been debunked. It does not cause brain damage like was suggested in the monkey studies. If i deprived your brain of oxygen you would have brain damage as well. It does not cause mental illness. Prove it. You cant. It might make africans want to fornicate with white women though. But statements like that were used in the past to keep cannabis illegal. Today the same lies used in the last 100 years have been seen in newspapers. Just yesterday i saw a clip in the guardian spreading bullshit lies. The establishment does not want you smoking pot for soem reason. But its ok for you to drink yourself into a stupor and then go home to beat your wife with a fag in your mouth. 10 year or less and cannabis will be legal in the UK. We have the momentum. There is not shit you can do about it.

  9. Is this Daily Mail prick still advocating prison as an effective deterrent for drug users?! Obviously hasn't figured out the war on drugs was lost decades ago. "I say…you'll all be in for a jolly long time in jail if you don't stop holding that plant' What a fucking bellend.

  10. I like most of his views but don't agree with his views on cannabis. I don't use it myself but it seems strange to blame it on involvement in violent crimes, Amsterdam was named fifth in a list of the safest cities in the world, yes the world in Nov 18 and the city has a well documented culture of cannabis use. Just my opinion though.

  11. He definitely needs to take that massive potato off his shoulder ,
    Wind his neck in and go take his head for a shit !
    Thank God he's not got any power, his head would pop !

  12. The logic with alcohol is your discriminating against illegal drug users on the basis it causes harm when alcohol causes more harm and requires insane amounts of policing every weekend. I also understand his point that having 1 legal poison isn't a reason for a 2nd or third. I do think coming at this from that angle just can't ever work, under freedom of speech. People are free to get them self addicted to drugs if they want. If you don't want to help them become part of society again, at least don't put obstacles in there path. Also Electric bikes are now capable of 30-40mph with a 45 mile range per charge for under £1000 but under EU legislation any E-bike over 15mph is illegal. E bike technology is already good enough to take half the cars off the road tomorrow. It's only the fact they are illegal holding them back in my opinion. They are having to design them around this pedal assist only 15mph bullcrap EU laws.

  13. His view on marijuana reminds me of a study about depression and violent crime. Actually the study was sent to me by a person who was eager to prevent people who have been depressed from buying firearms.

    It asserted that depression caused people to commit violent crime, which on the face of it is a rather surprising claim, but I think this link becomes understandable when we recognize that the researchers got it all backward; people who lead chaotic lives of which violent crime is a feature are more susceptible to develop mood-related issues. Now the aim of the researchers may have been to find justifications for such behavior, but that is another topic.

    I suspect Hitchens aversion to marijuana may stem from faulty logic such as exemplified above.

  14. I like most of his views except on weed. he cites loads of murderers who killed people who took weed, i bet most of them drank tea and coke too but does he correlate that? Nope… the actual correlation is more likely certain anti depresants… He also doesn't account for those who take it who don't commit acts of violence… The fact is, there is no correlation… I suspect personal bias on his view regarding weed. He also conflates the term "Drugs" like weed is a class A drug or summin…

    Addiction is a natural part of the human being… For instance, eating food releases endorphins, hence people get addicted to that… Sex… Risk taking etc etc… As if he didn't know that simple fact…

  15. Stimulating stuff. I find Hitchens, though I don't always agree with him 100%, a really engaging character, and he has never put forward a lazy or poorly thought through argument in his life. That you gave him appropriate space in which to express himself without the constant outrage-seeking that we still see in the dying legacy media is to your credit.

  16. i really liked his comments against the obsession with the automobile. People should travel together and teenagers should roam the countryside like feral cats, hopefully sowing cannabis seeds wherever they roam and living in tents free of violence ( the cannicure is not for everyone but it is a cure ) Listenng to this guy makes me realise that i am libertarian right…got forbid he should be PM

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