No Link Between Smoking Cannabis and Lung Cancer New Study Shows

There is no link between lung cancer and cannabis use a new study finds, read about lung cancer and marijuana here No Link Between Smoking Cannabis and …

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  1. Always praying about this!! I consume marijuana in MANY ways but usually find most relief smoking or if my IBS isnt flared then eating it raw. But cancer seems to run in the family as most of my moms side has either died from or survived cancer (mother even survived stage 4 uterine cancer). Then on my dads side, respiratory issues are an issue including my grandfather dying of pneumonia, i almost did a month before my 19 bday (was in hospital for 3 weeks, in coma for the first week with life support next to me waiting for my organs to give and in ICU for the first 2 weeks) … my uncle and aunt are slowly dying from COPD and constant pneumonia and my dad has had walking pneumonia SEVERAL times.

    So i pray me consuming marijuana (even the worse way by smoking) can and WILL still help me fight the black clouds of health that wreak havoc on both sides of my family.

    My father whom i also got back into smoking has unfortunately been diagnosed with borderline dementia so i pray it helps him as well in all ways possible.

    This truly is a miracle plant along with the hemp plant.

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