1. These people including the narrator are complete idiots. Omg such a dangerous and addictive drug… people like that are what's wrong with the world. Mind your own damn business,if someone wants to smoke pot it's their body and their life. Another disinformation video by the history channel.

  2. gotta love addiction this addiction that or what about the kids. they have provided there would be about a 10% addition rate in which i can promise they mostly have a addictive personality anyway plus they say a beer,shot,or glass of whine a day is goid for you but by society if you drink more then 3 times a week you have a problem?? makes so much since now… and as for the kids no they shouldn't be 10 y/o and be smoking a joint but you also dont have that same child running around with a 1/5 of jack now do we. its easier for someone the age of 16 to buy marijuana from the guy down the road then to buy alcohol or a pack of cigarettes so i dont understand people's point. "well what stops john (21 y/o) from buying it for peter (16y/o) well same for alcohol. but you teach your kids adults drunk alcohol why not the same for marijuana. in the 70's and 80's people gave the teething babys alcohol to stop the pain but there fine right? everyones point over this subject is invalid and can have so many holes poked through your stupid excuse. good ol nancy grace would say what about this baby and his dad or mom giving it pot well i bet you can find a video of a parent drowning there kid so water should be illegal right? to wrap up my point is it should be legal and you cant regulate nature and there not "winning" this war people are just getting smarter.
    stay lifted stay medicated

  3. Tell Roche, Bayer, Phillips or any other Drug Company you need to operate as a non-profit organization. This a JOKE! I love THE UNITED STATES Of AMERICA but this is foolish and uncalled for.

  4. This Drug War is a CASH CROP for the Governments of all Nations. I really feel grateful for the Police, Highway Patrol, Fire "PERSONS" ECT Hats off to you THANK YOU!!!  I however differ in my opinion on the illegality of Cannabis, I am so amused by those apposed to reality. NEW CLAIMS 1. Men will develop BREASTS. 2. Men will develop Testicular cancer. 3. The Marijuana "CALL IT CANNABIS CAUSE THAT IS THE CORRECT REFFERENCE." is so strong now it will kill great grand children. The Bodies have not piled up in Colorado, Washington, Alaska or anywhere. We have been fed a complete load of @%$&*(*%$#. Cannabis has benefits yet do be discovered.

  5. 30:00 "When they started using it as a mind altering substance at the turn of the last century" ??? George Washington grew the Cannabis plant and wrote papers on how to so in order to produce seedless cannabis. I am not sure but I think George was ahead of his time! as were Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln ect..

  6. Why are cops in this documentary giving their one-sided drug war opinion on marijuana legalization?! Seriously, WTF?! They're cops, not politicians. They enforce the "law", it isn't there business giving anyone their opinion on legalization.

  7. damn if I would be president in america I would kick out every one of these stupid american politicans out of america and I would put them into Cuantanamo Bay because they are the real terrorists!
    There are only two possibilities 1. They are even more stupid than a chicken and have no clue about the world and some veeeery bad education
    2. They know the truth but just keep lying because they are scared of the help mj could give people and the money they'd loose on their stupid healthsystem^^

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