Live PD: Selling More Than Ice Cream (Season 3) | A&E

An officer investigates a tip about a man selling drugs out of his ice cream truck in this clip from “10.05.18” #LivePD Subscribe for more from Live PD and other …


  1. So they found no weed and the snitch was obviously racially profiling him cause a Mexican man cant have an ice cream truck. He should have never agreed to it, they had no probable cause just some scared white lady who saw a Mexican man in her neighborhood.

  2. 2:20 ive been "diagnosed with 14 things at minimum".and i dont so annythong for all of them,i cant even go into the military cuz i have bad anxiety "off the charts depression" and PTSD,and those are not cosidering disibiltys ocd odd non hyper activity adhd,bipolor,and much more.and those are just my diagnosed ones,learning disability,im disabled cuz of my ptsd.and im a big Military guy,ans thats not including da only thing i have in life is my mom and my girlfreind and eveything else possible goes wrong,and i lose 4 poeple a year.and im poor,so the dollor tree ia usaly 2 expensive

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