Live PD: 22 Pounds of Meth (Season 2) | A&E

Highway patrol officers deconstruct a car on the side of the road and find a whole lot of meth for their trouble in this clip from “02.03.18”. #LivePD Subscribe for …


  1. Thats why if your riding dirty, DO NOT have tints on the windows in the front! Idiots, any cop can pull you over for that, in new york you can't even pass inspection with any tint on the front windows legal its 70% basically a clear window.

  2. Hey thanks officers know you have the owner of the drugs mad wanting to kill the two incharged better keep them in jail cuz theyre going to be looking for them LOL

  3. Definitely somebody snitched there’s no way they would have just said oh wow the window don’t go down all the way we may want to check that funny thing is a lot of newer vehicles the rear windows don’t go all the way down

  4. Yoooo honestly this show should not show busts like this. It puts people in danger. Lets say these are cartel drugs, every cartel wraps their packaging in a certain way. They see this video and its their drugs that got busted and peoples lives become threatened.

  5. People are so dumb, how r u gonna have illegal window tint carrying over 20 pounds of meth? Also, how hard is it to discuss a plan of what to say ahead of time when asked where you are going?

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