Lift Cannabis Expo Toronto 2017

Lift Cannabis Expo Toronto 2017 I am a Washington State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my chronic Crohns Disease.


  1. It was great finally meeting you today JJ. It was a fun sesh over the Volcano. I know I was pretty damn lifted when we were done (and for a while lol). Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Cheers !

  2. I am sitting here an hour away from TO but I can't get there. I hope you enjoy the expo and maybe next year my crohn's will be on hiatus so I can get to the expo. By the way I hear our customs are real rigid sorry you had a bad experience. I am from Canada and got special searches in Calgary…lol

  3. Ha! Funny to see you in my town! There's no significance to the red on the CN tower. They change it all the time. Often the lights change colour over time and move up or down the tower. Sometimes they'll colour it specifically to mark an event but it's always lighting up at night anyway just for fun. I hope you had a great time in Toronto. 🙂

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