1. Very soon, we shall all be sitting all alone, with a lit screen in front, watching "Ow My Balls!" with no personal contact, save that of an occasional Starbucks, or a night class in law at Cosco. No one will be able to say, or have said anything original or interesting. God (or whatever you believe or don't believe in) save the Unscannable! Signed, Deism is Unstoppable; by Thomas Paine, keep up the good work.

  2. Some people just can't understand music, i've listent to every Pantera song at least 50 times , on top of that i've listen to most of the songs Phil did with other bands , Superjoint , Down and some side projects and i did not find any hint of racism in the lyrics. If the promoters think Phil spreds a racist massage and baning him from preforming will stop the shootings or lower the cime rate i can say only one thing – The shooting happened without Phil preforming there. The man dedicated his life and health to the art and the fan-base and now the money hungry PC promoters need a scapegoat. Any human with a semi-functional brain can get to the conclusion that if the music was the reason for this religious /racist crimes that music is not metal , the music acts that are supose to be banned are the Pop-Rap shit that is in the mainstream , that "music" can realy make people loose IQ points rapidly.What i want to say is don't ban artists , educate the people. Only brainwashed sheep do this cimes and then the diferent political parties that brainwashed them seek some one to blame it on.Don't be a sheep , use your brain , listen to real music that makes you think not dumb loops of word salad.Thank you Phil for the music and dedication over the years.

  3. Love that motherfuker! Seen him live in Carbondale Illinois back in 2002ish with Superjoint Ritual. There couldn't have been 10 of us in the crowd and they performed as if there were ten thousand of us. It was fucking unbelievable! My neck is still jacked up from that show because my dumb drunk ass was stage diving all night and the only thing there I had to catch me was a concrete floor. It was tremendous!
    Stay black…

  4. phil i saw you at ozzfest in st louis at Mississippi nights back in 97 you gave a shout out to the most pit that i started on the lawn during your set…sadly the only time i saw you guys

  5. I saw an article on Stuff where they were pushing for the rugby team "The Crusaders" to be renamed, Because somehow the team is Islamophobic and promoting terrorism.
    People were suggesting the team be given a new Islamic name or at least that they are expect to consult with the Muslim community on a new name.
    Its as if these people are trying their best to help the terrorist get his message out.

  6. I feel bad for Phil. He always gets blamed for psychopathic murders gunning people down when he has NOTHING to do with it no matter how far you stretch those arguments. Keep on keepin' on kicking ass Phil, you're the man!

  7. My first thought: "Oh ok he's just showing respect for the people to New Zealand" My dumbass after thinking about it for 2 seconds" "WOAH WOAH. No fucking way! Fuck off New Zealand."

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