How to Transplant Cannabis Plants and Recycle Soil: Medical Marijuana Gardening Tips

Many growers choose to transplant their cannabis plants from smaller pots to bigger ones as they grow. When done properly, doing so can often times increase …


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  2. As a home vegetable gardener I often fold the remnants of the previous crop right into the soil. This builds up the soil over time and provides viable micronutrients for future crops. It certainly would not hurt to leave the old root system in there.

  3. For soil recycling I cut out just the thick main roots around the stem. Then I topdress malted barley (grinded) and kept watering the soil every other day to keep it half moist. The roots got soft and more or less disappeared after about 10-15 days if I remember correctly. Used EM too or bokashi.

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  5. what i do is i take the old soil and remove the root ball then fill a container full, then i leave that container outside for 6 to 9 months to fully flush the soil, then i reuse

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