1. 2x Bottle of water Drop of 91 gas nothing more or less & only 91 gas be smart careful

    ⚠Instructions for heavy smoker's THC CANNABIS only educational purposes only⚠
    Requires special effects

  2. for all the really desperate people who need to pass a drug test supervised, just do an oil change.
    watch the video of Blue Mountain State oil change for basic instructions.

  3. CERTO definately does NOT work i tested it after failing test using a detox drink and drinking water. I followed instructions to a T that all CERTO supporters say works…got 2 pk oh Certo to try twice just to b sure and it failed with both tests! I only have one day now til test and freaking out because its for a job! Can anyone tell me what WILL absolutely work!? Im wondering about the eyes drops and need feed back on what works for real if you only have one day to go. peace n blessings!

  4. not sure to trust this
    I used that fake urine a yr ago n failed it cuz they said something was wrong with my urine
    im taking azo n bought a home test im clean but not sure if its the same as a lab test
    n few yrs back I got clean in a week using palo alzu
    it taste nasty I drank one gallon each day for a week n pass a lab test

  5. Alright first off the last time I smoke was June 12 and my test is July 3rd I exercise about 5 days a week and drink at least 100 ounces of water a day only thing I worry about Is im about 300 pounds and 6'1 so im just wondering how long its gonna stay in my system and what fast way can I get it out, Im testing for college football

  6. it all depends on how much you've used really and you're metabolism but drinking lots of water cranberry, and exercising should do the trick. overall stopping for a few months is the ideal thing to detox

  7. I just tested after 5 days of flush with exercise cranberry lots of water and lost a 100000 buk a year job, give yourself at least two weeks, do not trust at home tests as they are nowhere near as accurate as a lab test, if you8 use other urine don't use a squirt bottle cus they will hear the air suck in at the end of the squirt, you have to have the temp within like 36 to 38 degrees or they will cancel the test trust me im on the verge of suicide after failing this test

  8. If you get to the point where you have to take a drug/herb test, you probably shouldn't being doing any drugs or herbs anyway. If you don't do the drug or herb you don't have to worry

  9. I had to look at your profile to see if you were really Sean Connery. Afterwards, I said "Sean Connery….. doesn't like Dragonball Z.." …thats the whole story

  10. i always try and piss all over the test cup. and i do mean that. if its not for a job that i need and want i also piss all over the place. seat, floor, and the tank. when they ask me what happened- i say " not used to pissing in such a small circle and the fact that i had to use two hands. im not ambidextrous." or i tell them i'm not good at multi-tasking. thats why im in need of a job. if they say clean it no problem- i am for hire for $55.00/hr when it comes to janitorial work. that job=1 hr

  11. Here wht i do ….
    WHAT U NEED ,paket of Certo,Gatoraid , gallon of watter , nd B-12 vitamins ,
    pour a lil bit of gatoraid out take a B-12 get certo and open and put all of the certo in the gatoraid shake the gatoraid then slam it .. then drink the gallon of watter .. do this about 2 hours befor the test … IT WORKS!

  12. Thanks a lot for the info. Very simple and effective. Yeeea stoners do exercise, actually. I'm a Firefighter, football coach, i workout 4 days a week, sometimes twice a day? I have a urine screen on Oct 4 for Firefighting, and I love pot. Oct 5=HITS FROM THE BONG

  13. my last interviewer said they would rather hire a felon before they hire me bc i smoke. really america. you would rather have a killer work beside you than a person who smokes on their own time. What a country

  14. @420assfuck who really cares about that. Long as i pass it they will have no reason to send to tha lab. now if it is 50/50 on tha test they will send it and you are Correct. Im Screwed. lol

  15. Pot is alright, but nothing to risk getting caught over. Could probably still do it as a recreational thing once in a while but if you're being watched. Then fuck it. lol

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