1. I was using a detox drink from planet k. It worked 4 times but the past 3 drug tests I've been coming back dirty. So I'm gonna try this in 2 days. I'm a heavy smoker and this is for probation so wish me luck.

  2. I can confirm this does work. Even at places such as rehab facilities and in court. I took certo before I got drug tested at rehab then the next day got drug tested again and passed both

  3. Bruhhh I hope this shit works, I'm taking a piss test in 12 hours for the airport TSA position. I'm going straight to Walmart to pick that shit up when I get up in the AM. I'm so nervous I need this job hella bad

  4. Guys!! I have my test on wednesday and will try this out. HOWEVER (!!) My last test came back as false-negative due to too much water. I wanted that test to be just that because I did not know about this method then. This test tho, I cannot risk getting false-negative back so i'm wondering if Certo will work even tho I don't drink too much water? Also, how much water do you recommend me to drink? Thanks!!!

  5. I did this waited 2 hours and pissed on the 3rd pee on a at home drug test the line came in faint. Went took a test on the 4th piss and failed. What did i do wrong?

  6. Smoked the day of my drug test (bowls, dabs). I drank the certo 2 hours before and made sure I urinated 3 times before the test so I was good to go. I show up for the drug test and the guy pulls out an ORAL Drug test, and I PASSED. Not sure if it was just a bad test or if the certo really coated my mouth but was suprised as shit that I passed. Definitely my go-to from now on

  7. doesnt work. just tried it myself with a home test and failed. theres a reason they never show you the results. straight bullshit., and i also dont understand why so many people do this shit. "ill show you the results tommorow."

  8. This shiit does not work I failed a Probationary drug test this morning. I’m 150 soaking wet 6foot tall haven’t smoked for a week drank hella water the whole week drank one Certo before bed drank one 1.5 hours before test and water up until the test pissing like crazy. Yeah fucking failed. My own fault for smoking but I’m telling you now don’t rely on this shit anyone who says it works must smoke Reggie or nutmeg or some shit cause y’all ain’t passing tests smoking loud with Certo. Head my warning ⚠️

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