How to grow "Mendo Dope" from Seed – Part 1

A step by step guide on how to Plant Trees like Mendo Dope. From germinating TGA Seeds to transplanting into 400 gallon Spring pots, this is Part 1 of the 2015 …


  1. Does anyone know what the light schedule was indoors for ther seeds? I would like to know because if you have 18 -6 light schedule and you throw them out in May it’s like 14 hour days so the plant is triggered to flower ….if someone could please help me with that I would really appreciate it….looks like these guys don’t respond to comments

  2. I really enjoy watching you guys and enjoy learning your ways. I never have listened to rap until I watched soil king and learned about yall. If I gave you the basics of my life could you do a rap on my life. I live in Oklahoma and I'm going to try to follow your basic on growing wish me luck yall.

  3. the worst ever videos on growing dope… 1. r u promoting yourselves or growing? 2. a straight forward approach instead of pseudo black culture stupid would be more appreciated ! Do you white boyz know what black people think of you as you pretend to be a part of their culture? You should make videos of driving your tricycles off 100 ft cliffs instead of pretending to be black…

  4. Anyone can grow trees LOL All you need is great soil and a few nutes and water…. these boys are fing full of themselfs and won't even respond to a question why Subcribe to this BS You want tips hit me up. geesh.

  5. Hello bro, writes you Grover from Ukraine) Cool everything you do, watch your video. Bro, what is this flour? What are you sprinkling on the substrate? I guess it's Dolomitic flour, in which there is a lot of phosphorus, and it withstands a neutral PN? Right? Thanks for the answer!

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