How To Get Rid Of Thrips Pests In Your Garden

In this tutorial, we cover the typical garden pest known as “Thrips”. We’ll go over what to look out for and how to get rid of them! Click Links to Find Products!


  1. I did the cinnamon and dish sope like 2 weeks a go maybe 3 …ok NOW i am in 3 weeks flowering out door but i am looking back insider the little buds i see eggs or them hiding nothing on the leaves what do i do also its starting to git cool at night in SOUTH tx

  2. I live in the 30th floor, have no plants at home and when leaving the house one time I forgot to switch off the light as well as to close the window.. When I came back the ceiling was covered in what I believe to be thrips. small, greenish, flying insects.. could be something else as well, but they do look similar to some pics of thrips i have seen
    Didn't know there are insects flying this high..

  3. Hello, I noticed you included a picture of garlic and rosemary. Can you tell me if that is mixed into a natural spray. I went ahead and blended up a clove of garlic and about 1 T of a fresh garlic to 1 quart of water and sprayed both the upper and lower leaves. Just wondered if you had a specific recipe. Thank you!

  4. Kill thrips with Dr Earth pest control. It will kill all pests. It's all organic don't know what ur talking about. Used this spray n it killed then overnight. My plants prospered fast.

  5. i periodically get thrips infestations on my pereskiopsis cacti. they seem to be a thrips magnet. i use malathione spray and it cleans them right up for a year. now my cat has knocked my qt bottle of malathione off the shelf and broken it. not sure if i can replace it, i had it for 30 years.

  6. I took in two clones from another grower and got infected with thrips, I've got a right battle on my hands now! They just about decimated my mothers and veg room, trying to get on top of the buggers now

  7. Bloody trips. Persistent . Not very damaging but I'm afraid of fungus. Got some Larvae. The fight starts tomorrow morning. I may add a bit of propolis I have.

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