How Much Cannabis Resin Do You Get From 28 Grams

How much organic cannabis resin/ hashish can you get from a simple ounce of cannabis, 28 grams of weed ? In this video I show the safest and easiest way to …


  1. This is a really good video jon. Do you have a newer one or maybe want to do an update to show off tips and tricks youve picked up in the last two years?
    You just sold me some 1 gallon bubble bags.
    And your vids always leave me smiling.

  2. I just got my bubble bags and I could not seems to get a straight answer on how much material should I use to make the process worthwhile, and if I want to use buds what kind of returns do you get. This is a great benchmark for me to make a decision. Thx

  3. this all depends on the chronic you grow. and the process, most of what he is doing is leaf debre…. so not the best method. and its not resin. resin is the bud capsules. not the hairs or THC crystals.
    its the bud itself, where the hair retracts too to make a seed.

  4. john why do u prefer 90 i find 90 to be on the green side sometimes where the premium is more around 73 45 & 25 is that because of the strain im useing its fresh frozen trim in a washing machine run thru 8 bag kit

  5. And i noticed u never froze the paddys of bubble before micro plaining..when is it the best time to freeze paddies before micro plaining? Just curious and tks for your time..puffin and passin from st.johns Newfoundland..peace and bless✌🔥

  6. Hay john..curious..the second run why did u leave out 3 bags? Just curious..waiting pn a set of bags and just trying to soak in the knowledge..tks for the videos bud

  7. Dude at first I thought your videos were kinda interesting, but man.. how do you manage to make this into allmost an hour long video? It's just 46 minutes of watching you mess around an talk bullshit endlessly. Just fast forward sometimes and keep to the fkn point. 20 min video tops.

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