How LaKeith Stanfield Used Google To Break Into Hollywood [FULL INTERVIEW]

Actor LaKeith Stanfield shares his beginning desire to be an actor, making a long (2 hour plus) train ride from Victorville, CA to Los Angeles, CA for numerous …


  1. Have you ever heard someone speak and felt like you've been waiting for them your whole life, like they're that one good friend you have always wanted but never had? That's how Lakeith makes me feel.❤

  2. If anybody in here is interested in acting and willing to travel to miami i have a film production company and plenty opportunities for main character roles…. Check out my channel to see my previous films

  3. I like this man and what he has to say. but there was just one thing that I disagreed with and its finding alternatives and "don't focus all your energy into acting" I believe its the total opposite of that. not focusing into it as much as you possibly can, can show that you're not as in love with it as you want to be. It's full time, sacrifice and dedication that gets you where you want to be. if you focus on finding backup plans in case something doesn't work out, then you'll never find the open doors

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