How Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated? – NYC Psychiatrist

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Treatment for manic depression consists of a lot of trial and error. Patients are usually best treated with between three and five …


  1. I have bipolar I disorder and ADHD and I have tried every mood stabilizer and Lamictal was the only one that prevents mania and mixed moods in my case. I take Wellbutrin for smoking and Dexedrine to calm my hyperactive/impulsive.

    I get into "Charlie Sheen" mode when manic and refuse meds a year prior or so. Lithium worked but made me sleep and I looked pregnant and it made me sick. Klonopin helps with thunder induced panic attacks.

  2. My wife gets Wicked agitation. 2008 she started in this awful state where her eyes were like saucers, she couldn't sleep, and she had this agitation that caused her to literally be crawling out of her skin. She calls it a buzzing in her system. She went into the hospital almost catatonic and they gave her Zyprexa and in 4 days she went from Darkness to light, back to herself. She went for about a year and was unable to sleep again. Been on zopiclone since and it has stopped working. The psychiatrist says it's bipolar, and she has been on 600 mg of lithium 12.5 mg regular olanzapine for quite a long time, but still needs to use clonazepam to smash down the agitation almost daily. Does this sound like bipolar to you? And though she was fairly stable for several years, a recent severe episode has put us in crisis again. Seems it takes at least 3 mg of clonazepam pushback the agitation. She hasn't had recognizable manic that we can tell, but has a history of anxiety, panic, Etc. Would ECT or TMS apply here?

  3. Trileptal (Oxcarbazepin) works wonders for me. My psychiatrist did a DNA analyst to see which medications I can tolerate, and I recommend it for those of us having a hard time with anti-depressants and anti-psycotics. My psychiatrist is a strong believer in treating bipolar and depression with anti-seisure medication because it better controls cortizol levels.

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