1. I have a homeboy he had stop eating Meats for a month and he he had hepatitis he said he no longer gets breakouts and he's clear of hepatitis off of changing his intake in Flushing his body out with water in vegetables a fruit you have to be strong enough not to eat foolish things the organic way just stop eating foolish things

  2. But why she claims to be healing diseases by mistake when Mr Sebi way already doing it something fishy n other thing I saw a video of Mr Sebi saying His wife and children betrayed him, and the 1 wife i thing we need to hear from her , we have no part on their family issues but I believe Mr Sebi Legacy shouldn't be destroyed by ignorance which most of our ppl suffered from it when He was alife and they did not pay attention

  3. My dog when he is sick he goes to the grass and eat grass which is medicine for him we can learn a lot from animals we take some animals poop and use it for fertilizer to make things grow the Bible said the herb is for the healing of the Nations so how can we disagree I don't believe in putting away meat completely in my diet but I believe herb is for the healing of the nation just look at the dog he don't just eat grass all of his life he only eat it when he is sick the Bible say everything God made it's good and good to eat maybe we are eating too much meat and not enough herbs for healing this is the last days so people will be teaching people 2 stay away from meat but the Lord said it is good and he also say herbs for the healing of the nation maybe we just need a balance

  4. I am a witness on what she said about soy. At one time soy was only used for feeding cattle and other farm animals. But now soy is mixed into every thing as though life cannot go on with out it. We should go back to using it only for farm animals.

    The dude that called in from the medical field should know about phytonutrients. Our food has become drugs. The more a plant is processed the more it has become a drug. Originally we only ate raw fruits and vegetables and the foods out of the bee hive.

  5. Interview ma'am and Usha Bowman the real true wife of Dr sebi the one who gave him the name who started the business with him Patsy is alledgedly a Miami mistress who was sick healed and then alledgedly instant home wrecker

  6. Maa Bowman is the real deal. This lady that calls hers self " Dr. Sebi " is a snake in the grass. Please stop lying to the people, and these radio station please stop giving air time to people like this.

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