Gordon Ramsay Is Stunned by Farmed Caviar; Makes Lobster & Caviar Salad

Gordon heads to Spain to visit a sustainable sturgeon farm, and experiences first hand how much caviar Can be produced from just one fish. He then whips up a …


  1. That much of those eggs costs 3 grand? I could buy 100 pounds of like, good Alaskan salmon for that. Good 300 pounds of salmon if you want the cheaper stuff. Hell, I could pay that to get a trip TO Alaska, along with fishing gear and a few weeks at a hotel so I could go out and fish the darn thing myself. I know it's a delicacy and it's honestly for rich people, but good lordy, it cannot be good enough to warrant that kind of cost. Crazy how different people's lives are, I feel a bit bad when I binge by buying slightly expensive beer.

  2. I got to try caviar one time in my life when my 5th grade teacher brought in a can for all of us to try a little bit of and it was real good
    Later on we were in a restaurant our parents took us to and I saw it on the menu
    I ordered a cheese burger that was really good but when my dad came by our table asking what we ordered i said, I got this here stuff called caviar as the waiter said it was real good LOL
    The price on the menu was $75 in 1967 and my dad almost had a fit before I could explain I was joking LMAO

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