(FREE) "Marijuana" – J. Cole & Joey Badass Type Beat 2019 (Prod. Novmber)

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  1. Oh how I love her
    I love her more than no other
    Says she
    Loves me more than she loves her very own mother
    But I
    Could never put a hoe above my only brother
    So we
    Sit back
    Fire one one up and just laugh
    Reminisce about the past and all the shit we never had

  2. Yeaa life's a hard pill to swallow demons in are mind hard to follow the light feel like heathens in the night burnin weed cannabis dreams I believe I see the potential we seek see behind this pencil I bleed words of sorrow even when life a bitch we still live it cuz their might not be tomorrow visions that are vivid empty bottle rotten soul empty heart bottled up emotions but I just keep flowing n floating in this water hoping I don't sink to the bottom n blossom like the flowers in autumn a lot of problems a lot of gosip of enemies plottin so I stay cautious broken promise to my conscious got a lot of options but I'm damaged tryna get this money so me my family n friends can live lavish so I keep writing n reeking havoc on these beats tripping acid let my heart speak always remember those 6 feet deep looking over us in the sky as we speak feel the static when we leave these planet tryna live love and laugh n role the dice and take a chance

  3. I've been riding round the city with my ape, I've been riding round my city zipping eight, you know wassup I'm rich dont give a fuck gotta pinky ring in every finger, pinky ring in every hand figure, I saw the money worth the bigger picture,

  4. 24/7 vibes till I drift to heaven,
    I won’t lie I’m at eleven, as a high vibe that I’m settin.
    Settlin in, for a night where I be devilish quick with the spliffs.
    Roll it up, roll it up,
    Got the Rolex with some Bose bass subs.
    Let it bump, from bumper to bumper,
    Need a quick drug to get number,
    Girl can I get that number?
    Got a flow like an old school version of Donald Glover, but uh…
    Fuck Donald trump he can suck my sucker,
    Bitch look like a orange version of toilet plunger.
    Haha! I can’t come down!
    This highs takin away my frown, and nobody even gets close to my crown.
    See you around b,
    Maybe in a downtown scene or in my deep sleep dreams.
    It’s all whatever tho,
    I flow forever yo!

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