EP6 – CBD Topicals and Infusing them with Massage and Reflexology Treatments

During this weeks podcast I spoke about the benefits of using CBD Topical’s and using them to create a CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology Treatment.

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  1. Hi, Andy
    I am currently studying Complementary Therapy L3 and was speaking to my tutor about using Hemp/oils within the essential oil blends as I know it has many powerful benefits for our mind, body and soul.
    The tutor did not know much so I am doing extra research for my assignment and will be printing some info for the class as many have used or heard of the amazing uses of the oils.
    I am wanting to use the oils within some of my oil blends as I believe it to be a base note as its a form of sedative oil as it relaxes the muscles.
    What ratio or percenage /drops would you suggest to put in a carrier oil and would you use grapeseed or another carrier oil to blend?

    Thank you and sorry for the long comment.

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