Dr.Zodiak's MoonRock Clear- Razzle Dazzle Oil Cartridge Review

What’s Going on Everybody! My name is Leer & today i have a MoonRock oil cartridge for you guys by Dr.Zodiak. #MOONROCKCLEAR * Dr.zodiak and his team …


  1. Just so it's easier to determine whether fake or not, how much do those go for in cali dispos ? I've seen some charge 40 all the way up to 70 with everything in-between lol. Haven't tried em yet because I don't want to snag a fake, any advice would be appreciated 🙂

  2. Finally your not on that hotdog water shit anymore. I’m from Colorado and I approve of this cartridge. Incredibles orange soda live resin cartridges are the best out there and I get them for 30 a g. Or green dot full spectrum 35 a g

  3. That 5th pocket battery I have the same one but I can’t use it cause everytime I press the button it blinks a few time and yes it’s charged. Do you have any idea to fix it?

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