DIY: How To Reload String on a Homelite Electric Trimmer (electric weed wacker)

So are you like me and had a Homelite electric trimmer in your shed that needed to have the line replaced? I honestly didn’t know how to replace the line and …


  1. Another thumbs down. How did you take the head apart? Your video is so high-contrast that dark colours merge and it's impossible to make out parts. Do better in future eh.

  2. No, no, no! I have the exact same trimmer (pretty good for a cheap electric) and exact same Rhino .065 line. Ok>>>> You insert into small slots and catch it on spool, then reversed reel it in the direction of the arrows on the top. You then insert the end of the line in two top holes (there are 4), but only temporarily to hold it in place. Repeat for bottom spool. Then insert into the housing and drive, release them from the two holes and pull thru housing holes. Put on the cap. I used about 8' but you can fill up the spool until full. While helpful the vid was hard to see and was wrong anyway. If it takes more than 7.5 minutes, re-read this and wack away. But hadn't done it in years so helped out.

  3. In the beginning he starts out okay. But somewhere in there, I don't think he's winding the line according to Hoyle.

    However, take heart, amateurs (I am one). You can wind it wrong and your trimmer will still trim — for a while. When you wind it wrong, it won't automatically feed more line when you need it. You'll then have to open up the head and pull a little more line out manually. Takes longer, but it's FAR better than nothing.

    Remember, Confucius say: Better to half a weed- whacker than none at all.

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