Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die

Arnold Vosloo returns as Dr. Westlake – aka Darkman – in an action-packed battle against an underground villain who will do anything to unmask the secret of …


  1. "My name is Peyton Westlake. I was a scientist, on the verge of an amazing liquid-skin discovery, until they took it all away. They smash my life into a million pieces, everything was destroyed: my work, my dreams, everything. They burned away my identity, leaving me for dead. But I wasn't truly dead. Driven by an uncontrollable surges of adrenaline. I had the strength of 10 men, I became a monster, left to lurk in the shadows. Now science is my only hope. My synthetic skin formula gave me back my face, but only for 99 minutes. 99 minutes. As I try to rebuild myself, I fight for those who have no defender. Now crime has a new enemy, and justice has a brand-new face." – Peyton Westlake

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