1. August 25th 2016, 31 months clean off of drugs and alcohol. I stop smoking cigarettes 24 months ago. Right I work full time and going to college for my CADC with sideline mentoring. I still go to the gym five days a week. At 48 yrs old i can't be told nothing cause what I'm doing works and recovery comes first. [email protected]yahoo.com. I'm loving life and the gifts that it brings once I brought myself back to life.

  2. hello you-tubers this will be my first time saying this to anyone not even family know(i think) but ive been doin crack for just about 2 years im 22 now and this stuff is no joke the only reason i do it i to see the tears,pain.sorrow,and all the depression go out in the smoke i truly hate what ive done ive blow over 15000 over the last 2 years on crack and i have nothing to show for it…i know its wrong but im hurting constantly all the time mentally….plz help me God

  3. I hope somebody turns this fucking piece of shit out. I hope they fucking ass rape him and make home cry like the sorry excuse of a man that he is. For doing that to that poor woman. I’ve been there. I was a crackhead. But these fucking losers for lack is a better word. What I really want to say is not politically correct fucking piece of shit. You are a piece of shit regardless of your addiction. You’re either a decent human being with a problem. Or you’re just a waste of flesh. Like these sorry ass men

  4. I’ve been there. Done that. These sorry ass niggahs oughta be ashamed of themselves to treat a woman like that. Your mother was a woman you sorry excuse for a man. Yea she a crackhead. But so are you. You fucking loser. You fucking lowndown good for nothing piece of shit.

  5. Jesus Christ, watched the first ten minutes then couldn't stand theediting and lame MTV production values. Just show these people for who they are without all the the pretentious editing. Totally ruined it
    Everybody vote down

  6. That’s the same stair step from the first dude he’s been shitting in that same crack house. The same problem people are the problem. The facts you tried to give we’re all race biased.

  7. Whoa.. this hit me in my soul.. if any drug user is seeing this and praying like there's no tomorrow won't make u stop then I don't know what else to say.. this is tough to watch

  8. I smoked crack once in my life. I was drunk. N the high made me feel like I could do anything. It felt like people weren't equal to me anymore. As if they looked up to me. As if I couldn't be looked down on n I was running the world. Never smoked it again knowing it was a drug that would take over. I do snort heroin n I use to get by. I had 5months sober. Got clean September 7,2018 broke my foot picked up heroin to stop the pain. Been using for a month. My first day sober n Imma try to get this detox again n quit before I go back to work in 3weeks

  9. Been clean for 5 yrs 7/1613 i lost everything including my sanity to drugs and alcohol gave away my morals standards thank you jesus for recovery i won't go back for nothing in the world i love my life and i cherish every moment take one day minute second hour at a time

  10. The Bluff is a seriously crack riddled neighborhood. Heroin is also all over the damn place. Finding used needles and shit on the ground. I myself am a current heroin addict. I don't really enjoy crack but shit I see 5 other dudes smoking on that crack shooter. I'll mix coke with heroin for a speedball but that's most I'll do. Meth is also slowly creeping into the bluffs. Going to try to go clean soon. This shit can't happen anymore.

  11. Why start a drug that takes everything away and makes you ugly as hell i prefer my good looks than a stupid feeling of Being high these people and other drug addicts have no selfrespect they always have excuses for their addiction Total bullshit 🙃 if you have a bad past you supposed to make your future better not fcking iT totaly up have Some karakter people #AMERICABELIKE

  12. Meth is the white man's crack. I'm 44 have congestive heart failure from smoking meth and I still can't quit! Every hit I take I think might be my last breath but I don't want to give it up. Don't ever try drugs. Not worth it. Kids I don't talk to. All the bridges I've burned. Not worth it. Take my word for it. If anybody reading this feels led to keep me in prayer I would really appreciate it.

  13. I stayed in John Hope for like a year, I remember those Miami Boys days too…Miami Boys changed Atlanta forever. But Dimmock street is where the trapping started way back in the 1950-1970's.

  14. Damn……. The struggle is real on here may God be with them threw these trials and restless nights. Don't know the feeling thank God I didn't entertain this life style, so sad🙁

  15. I'm now 3 years completely sober..not one drug or a drop of alcohol in my system and it was the hardest but the most amazing decision I had in my life. God help of all of these lost souls. U all deserve better. That young high girl bein pimped I feel the most for..it does get better baby girl trust me I no. Find that strength to run n run far. U can do this 🙏❤

  16. I'm Praying
    For everyone!!!!
    My mom had 3
    Addict's!!! Mine is Food,
    My sister is Crack, and
    My Brother was Alcohol
    We lost my Brother at the age
    Of 32 from prostate cancer!!!
    Please Pray for me and my family
    And I will do the same for everyone😪

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