1. One of the reasons the plant is being distilled and concentrated and extracted is to aid in politically classifying it as a medicine. Once it becomes medicine rather than a simple natural plant, one will need permission to process the plant for use. This is all a long chess move to further subjugate and control a naturally occurring plant that is physically and spiritually perfect in its natural state. A chess move that has taken over 100 years to erase its origin from memory and repurpose it for reasons of control. You'll slowly see it go from spirit aid, to soft "drug", to narcotic, to psychiatric medicine and more as they create an illusion in the mind as to what the plant is perceived to be.

  2. Stop calling the plant medicine. It's not to be thought of as medicine. One needs permission from an authority to practice medicine. One needs a medical license and insurance to practice medicine. It's not medicine. It's a natural plant in its pure form. It's a spiritual aid more than it is medicine. Calling it medicine gives others the power to control the spiritual aid.

  3. It's not just cannabis that heals.
    It's mother nature trough cannabis.
    It's not about healing, it's about getting to or getting back your authentic autonomic being. About regaining respect for one self and this world.
    It's about getting clear with intentions.
    It's about the simplicity of life, everyting you need is here and your intention brings you there.
    Being high is the natural state,
    Being down is distortion.
    I&I Jah love 💚🙏

  4. Do only the other commentors read these comments? Hmmm.
    I greatly appreciated Freeman's, albeit finally and nearly at the end, bringing up the issue of the second amendment as it relates to medical cannabis use.
    Did anyone else find the guest's speaking voice challenging to listen to and therefore his content difficult to follow? Even if he'd corrected the sound on his end he needs to take a public speaking course.

  5. I'm addicted to cannabis and its a burden its something that doesn't really my back pain it just makes me feel sleepy and dreamy i don't think its that fresh! I'm OVER it TRYIN TO GET OFF OF IT!

  6. i was thinking outside the box way before I started smoking you don't need it but people with chronic pain or seizures can benefit but otherwise…if you sick and you need medicine the best medicine is to detox

  7. Decriminalization, decriminalization, that's liberty, why create an industry around it, there's already an industry around it being illegal for the government. How about just decriminalize it so no one profits from it be it law enforcement or anyone else ☕️🇺🇸

  8. Today’s salad consists of Sweet and Sour Widow and Northern Lights in flower form, supplemented by a strawberry/banana distillate vape pen.

    I’m good.

  9. I just started making butter with my hash and it's really helping with my anxiety , better than any pharma crap i know 1st hand, the effects are absoloutely mind blowing compared to smoking this is medicine and I really am blown away by the benefits

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