Cocaine Addiction and the Brain

While filming for the PBS special, “Brains on Trial with Alan Alda,” Alan visited Brookhaven National Laboratory to meet with Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the …


  1. Why a successful middle aged man finds cocaine is the answer to his failed sexual relationship with his wife?! The only thing which kept this man from going down the slippery slope is his little boy age 6! This man had lots of money and long weekends and that's alone is the perfect setting for addiction. A child understood his dad situation and helped quietly without knowing the source of the problem but the boy can see there is a problem with his dad and he had to intervene!!! The little boy noticed there is a pattern to his dad unusual behaviour on Saturday mornings! The boy became very demanding on those days, wanted to play more and go fishing etc. With little emotional blackmail and persistence the boy beat his dad's bad habit and turned him into an outdoor freek!!!
    There is more to cocaine addiction than meets the eye. Knowing the reasons of the addiction can solve the problem. Addicts need help! Without help am afraid there will be very slim chance for recovery. Feel sorry for anyone who is trying to kick the habit alone. My advice to them is to find someone you really love and stop for them 🤗

  2. Please… I was addicted to the gratification and physical act of using. After time, it's not the same effects. Uh, I was mid thirties. There's more to it than just being an adolescent. Read Dr Gabor Mate book In The Realm of Ghosts. Then you'll get it.

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