Cheating The System: Faking a Drug Test

GREEN BAY, Wis. — How far would you go to cheat the system? These days…People are going to extreme lengths to appear clean and pass drug screens.


  1. What if somebody who HONESTLY quit using drugs FOR GOOD to get a job gets a hair test? So now these people are paying for shit in the past with new job opportunities. If you've been clean a month that SHOULD BE ENOUGH for an employer to see your SERIOUS about what your doing! Not everybody is perfect but if you've been clean for a while you SHOULDN'T be punished for shit 90 FREAKIN days in THE PAST!

  2. Insurance companies are the blame for all this. That's why employers test. I pay higher insurance premiums because I refuse to test my employees. But let me tell you the rate is much much much lower if you drug test your employees. That's why its done.

  3. I like how they still grey the video out and make it all blurry when they show pot like it's still considered dangerous. LOL come on guys this isn't the fucking 40's. Why the hell do you consider Marijuana so dangerous? You ever heard of Abilify? It's side effects listed are literally "Coma or death". Ortho-Novum is another one – Benign liver tumors that can rupture and cause bleeding. These are side effects from LEGALLY APPROVED drugs. Tell me what the side effects of Marijuana are NBC…. Do your reporters even know? I'll tell you what they are……Hunger, and a psycho active effect on your brain to watch your stupid ass youtube channel looking for "information" at 1:30 in the fucking morning only to find bullshit propaganda. Let's count the death toll from Marijuana overdoses……0. If you want me to work for you and actually write you a special report people will actually want to fucking watch give me a call. I'll write your sorry asses a 2 hour long essay.

  4. buy a urinator out of high time magazine or online for 150 bucks it straps on like a jock strap and has a computer chip and battery it will keep your tempature at the right tempature Everytime

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