CBDa and CBD Talk- CBDhemp.direct Berry Wine Strain Review

This is a video full of CBD Hemp talk. Education on the conversion of CBDa to CBD, review of the Berry Wine Strain, Legality of Hemp but advice on still being …


  1. Hey man, i recently discovered you and i'm a big fan of your channel and your website! I used to smoke marijuana mostly for sleep and occasionally recreationally, but had to stop a few months ago due to work related reasons (plus it isn't legal in my state). Lately I have had a lot of intense anxiety and trouble sleeping and have missed being able to have something to assist me. Then I started learning more about cbd and discovered your channel and you've really helped me learn a lot about the possible benefits of hemp and cbd based products. I actually wanted to ask you a few questions if this is the best outlet to do so. First is do you sell cherry wine on your website? I watched your video on the strain and the effects you described sound like exactly what I'm looking for as lately i have felt very tired and unmotivated. Second was is there a strain you could recommend for sleep? Preferably a heavy hitter I suppose. Again great vids keep it up!

  2. How much can you smoke before it become detectable I know you can’t smoke an 8th every day. I’m looking to see how much and often I can smoke the hemp flowers I used to smoke regularly weed along with cbd isolate but after finding full spectrum high quality Cannabis I’m sold

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