1. This GDP from [email protected]Gmail.com is some nice bud. But I have to say it`s more like a DANK GRAPE than the GDP everybody knows of. It has rock hard buds smells like sweet almost rotten grapes and tastes fruity with grape undertones. This Bud will knock you on your ASS if you overmedicate. Take a few tokes "here and there" and you will be set. The GSC & WW are on day 39 of flower. Thanks JJ.

  2. JJ or Matt, do you know if anyone has asked the President WHY he has NOT rescheduled cannabis for medicinal purposes? During his campaign he said he believed it should be legal for medicinal purposes. All you hear on the news is about how Jeff sessions is going to crack down on cannabis. Why hasn't anyone on the news got any airplay about His position when he was campaigning? At least I haven't heard anything. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel Or somebody else famous can get his attention?

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