1. I love how people hop on the internet for 6 hours and think they know the complexities of neuropsychopharmacology. Where are YOUR degrees? Which studies have YOU done? What's the impact factor in your journals? How long and under whom did you go to school with? We know the answer: they don't exist. Until you have a psych degree, and have immersed yourself in the literature, listen to Dr. Hart. It's like somebody trying to disagree with me on drug policy, and on whether or not enforcement causes violence: I'm the one who's done the meta-analysis, I'm the one who's done the studies and tests, so that means when I say something about drug policy, you listen.

  2. Carl Hart said, " You don't want to live in a drug-free society because it will be difficult to function, difficult to get through the day, difficult for me to get through some of those boring-ass receptions which I have to attend." So, use drugs to deal with your problems. Thanks for the advice to the kids Dr. Hart. The sociopolitical message from activist Hart is clear – Our society has many injustices that require attention. Fine. No problem with this perspective. The problem with the message is Carl Hart's denial that drug use for many, many people (even casual users) causes problems and for some it is deadly. Refine the message Dr. Hart. What you said at the conference is dangerous.

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