Cannacon Seattle 2018 & YouTube Live Stream Suspension

Cannacon 2018 serves as the global marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry. We went and checked it out!


  1. What do they do with the frozen terps? Do they infuse them into other products? or do they reintroduce them into the extracts? Very confusing in the world of chemistry.

  2. First smashley and now you. YT is unreal. They will post violent content without hesitation but they think you are an issue??? I say poppycock!!!!! I'll stick by your side JJ.

  3. YouTube is sticking it to the CannabisTubers. It sucks that society still frowns upon and punishes people utilizing a plant as they see fit. Time for another, more tolerant platform my friend. Consider Twitch, it's not just for gaming.

  4. Sorry to hear your shut down that's BS! Cannacon looks like fun. Did you get any of the products from the last gentleman you interviewed green clean couldn't remember the name of the company

  5. Sucks to hear but you will win the appeal smashly beat hers for a old video just mite have to retitle old videos with that they are old videos something to protect your rights

  6. There is nothing illegal about making infused honey. I don't see how that strike can hold if you fight it. Surely there is an optional platform you could use in the meantime?

  7. Hey JJ sorry to hear about the suspension I always try and catch them, I don't always chat a lot but like reading and watching. I don't miss many. I always go in and thumbs up them. I do enjoy the reviews, rarely do I miss one. keep the chin up my friend!

  8. Sorry JJ! I had a feeling this day was coming! I’m guessing strikes 2 and 3 r coming quickly! Please use another outlet. Keep us post! I truly LOVE and appreciate you and the whole #kitchenkrew! You guys we’re always their to just listen and hang! Hopefully Weedtube will be up and running soon! Peace love and keep your head up my friend! Much love and let’s all stay connected!

  9. I wiil stick with you JJ . Why are they pulling this B.S .? And on an old video at that . But I will always stay with your Channel. Do Not Stop doing what you are doing you ate helping so many people to understand the many benefits of this plant.

  10. Thank you Jay for the great sample of the products – really impressed with the silica stuff from the gold mine of Arizona.

    You will always have the “kitchen krew” friends loyal to UGL no matter what! Keep us updated on you tube the latest of your next crop “blow by blow” all of us will be sharing your stuff of fun and wisdom with friends … cheers extra big Jay.

  11. Damn JJ so sorry to hear about the ban on live streams…what's going on lately? Maybe time for a new platform?
    Hope to see you back soon.


  12. Man, I'm sorry this has happened. I just don't understand why and how this stuff happens. It's really disheartening , I'll keep in touch JJ. Peace Brother!

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