1. This is spot on! Influencers just want exposure. If you are an influencer you GET paid and should not spend a penny on the business to get in. Know your worth and don’t waste your time, thank you for this Jerry!

  2. Got to watch out for those companies Jerry. Anyone who makes money on their craft you really need to watch. But for depression you can't rely on any drug to fix that. You are basically saying you can use a external source to fix a internal problem. (Unless it's a chemical based depression caused by diet.) To help depression find the roots of the problem, fix and uproot those, after you address those you can start backtracking the problems. Don't attempt to fix it with a external source because that's just a bandaid on a gun shot wound.

  3. You e done videos describing what to use CBD oil for and the company you use. However, what is an optimal dose (to relieve pain)? I’ve tried CW 1mg, and that didn’t do anything, and tried another brand 50mg edible, also no effect. Have seen some cancer patients using 300mg up to three times/day…just trying to get a sense since this is quite expensive at those doses…thanks!

  4. I used to smoke pot cause people said it will help with my anxiety but as soon as I gave it up I feel way better than smoking it, my personal study it doesn't work

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