1. Love Elle Leary, have been a fan of hers for a long time. I first subscribed to her channel for makeup tips which I still enjoy but now I am more drawn to her depth of knowledge regarding skincare. She has a new series where she has a panel of dermatologists and each week she discusses a different skincare concern with them. Great series. So nice to see you two lovely, smart, knowledgeable ladies colab. You are my new find and I am enjoying and learning so much from you. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with your fans. I think you have an awesome personality too! ❤❤❤❤

  2. I love both Elle’s & your YouTube channels. I have learned so much & have taken my skin care & make up routine to the next level. Thank you so much for educating me. Elle says Hi!

  3. I have heard Wayne Goss speaking about Face Atelier brand and if I am not wrong Dominique Sache at some point. The foundation sounds so great so I might want to try it even though I am on no buy foundations at the moment :)) . Thank you for sharing this video, I love all your recommendations. And for sure I will check out Elle's channel 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing I love this video I like sheer foundations I hate those heavy ones I am gonna try the Mac, also I wanna know more please for example what kind of make up do you carry on your purse? My son makes fun of me because I only want to have powder and some lip product but I end up carrying a huge bag of make up in my hand bag is always so heavy and then I end up never using much of all the products I carry with me ! What's wrong with me 🤦🤷

  5. I guessed both of the foundations lol. I watch you videos all the time. Please show us how to wear the red lips with the pencils.

    Your eyes look very light and green.
    Thank you for all your videos…

  6. Although unrelated to this video, are you still using eyelash extensions.? I recently saw a video that you used the ones you apply yourself for a special evening out you were getting ready for and I was curious if and why you stopped. Thanks

  7. ✨😎Such a Cool Line up of Fav's..💖Yesssss.. LOVE Face Atelier Ultra Foundation, especially when paired with their Setting Spray..😍.. and FA Colour Adjustors are Genius for easily Perfecting Undertones/Shade Ranges, it's like Magic!😻✨

  8. Funny – I think I know u well – I guessed the two foundations u would share ahead of time and nailed it lol. 😋 I use face n body every day. Sometimes mixed with Lancôme Teint Miracle.

  9. Lisa I was wondering I’ve herd so many different opinions on this topic;.you are the person I would really trust. I would be grateful if you could do a video on clique moisture surge range; like what one is best for what skin type as there are like 5 or more in that same line..also is it as good for the skin as they say it is; ingredient’s wise.i know their have been lots reviews on it already but I don’t know the people were as I feel I know you as I’ve watched your videos for such a long time and trust your opinion on things. even if you cant do a video would their be one you would recommend for really dry sensitive skin but then there is the worry of these being a humectant and should I use an occlusive with it.thats why I think it be great for you to do a video love and hugs to you.

  10. gosh, i love that your makeup is pretty and non-Instagram. so tired of seeing heavy makeup with cartoon like brows…. where does that exist int he real world?

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