1. You can tell Willie is from a different generation and thinks with so much more logic and common sense. Sad that there aren't many men out there like him any more, especially young men.

  2. This idiot interviewer is treating one of the greatest souls with such disrespect and seems patronizing. Willie is what we all should strive to be: genuine, honest, modest, considerate and caring.

  3. Smoke pot and work out. I did that in my 30s and was in great shape loving it. Now, with shit jobs and me looking for a good company to go to, I can't smoke pot until after the drug screen. Why can't I just be the best I can be without it being a problem to someone else?

  4. Willie is selling a book, no stranger to the media circus clowns – and if you consider Willie has "words of wisdom" your fucking stupid as dirt – Willie will tell you that. And to grow you hair like a woman yoou're suffering side effects from something ~

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