NanoCraft CBD is a company that I recently discovered and started working with over this winter. I have to say that having the privilege of visiting their …


  1. My buddy got his boots while we were out shredding out here on the east coast the weather isn’t so predictable and we got a little wet and he didn’t have a boot dryer so he used a hair dryer so we could ride the next day and he shrunk the sole of his burton Moto’s so severe it’s difficult for him to ride without cramping after a few runs and he’s going through a bit of a rough time so he can’t afford a new sole so it would really mean a lot to him to get a pair of shred soles. He’s a size 9

  2. I'm using 2 different insoles from my skate shoes in my boa system boots that the wire is completely gone on so there held together with work boot laces and duct tape 😂 FTD some extra comfort would be super appreciated

  3. I would love a pair of shred soles. Those seem like a game changer. I want to increase my stamina on the hill and this looks like it would help. Snowboarding is my entrance and escape into reality. I normally don't waste my time watching other peoples vlogs and live my life but I'm hooked on yours. Your trick tutorials have been the truth for unlocking some things like the backside 3. The nuances that you articulate are key and are greatly appreciated. Size 11 homeboy ;]

  4. I've been skating and snowboarding for 14 years and have never had an after-market insole. As a result, my feet and ankles are super beat from the impacts over the years and vulnerable to future injuries. Needless to say, I think a pair of shred soles (size 11) would change the game for me and make snowboarding not only more comfortable, but would let me progress as well because foot pain has really started to inhibit my riding this season. I'm going to be out at Copper in CO in a few weeks and the longer west-coast traversing trails are the death of my feet, help a homie out!

  5. been here for a long time and never missed a single vlog, and im struggling to find a boot/sole wich fits my feet. size 8.5 greetings from Austria my dude and keep up the grind!

  6. Hey Casey! This summer I got hit by a car while crossing the street in my skateboard. Unfortunately since the driver wasn’t paying attention I bribe my foot.

    Been riding again this winter but trying to cure some heel lift and high arch issues and I think this might be the answer. Size 8.5 keep up the cvlogs, loving the summer content yeewwwwww

  7. I dont need the insoles myself but my homie i board with is always complaining about his feet hurt after every run and how he needs new boots because they're absolutely thrashed, hopefully these will save us broke bois some money, hes an eleven and half size. stay grindin bro

  8. I’m a big guy out here trying to nuke it up, 6’5 200lbs and my vans soles have seen better days… we know taking care of the NECK is priority number 1 but taking care of the feet is easily number two. I need to be rocking shred soles so I can start repping #YearOfTheFeet

  9. I really want a pair of shred soles because back last year I ran track and got shin splints which progressed to stress fractures they havnt bothered me fo awhile but recently They’ve been coming back so bad to where it’s almost unridable the only way I make it through the day is pump ibeprofin I really want to test shred soles and see how much they acctually benefit you. Love you Casey I’ve watched you since you camped out on mamma hood for a summer it was awesome thank you for reading I know you always read your subscribers comments because you’re stoking keep living the dream !

  10. I deserve a pair of shred souls because I don’t have a pair of actual snowboard socks so my feet always get cold and are not comfortable in my boots. So a pair of shred souls would fix these problems and make snowboarding a lot more enjoyable for me.

  11. Hey bro keep up the dream and thanks for always giving back!
    I so badly need shred soles because im still rocking my boats from 3 years ago. Every rip, tear, and stain tell a story. Sadly the insides are about clapped and some shred soles would help me get some more life out of them and keep the dream alive! Keep pumping out the great vids YEEW!! Size 12

  12. I want some soles cuz my buddy says they are crazy legit in his Moto boots… size 10 and you can’t keep the stoke flowing with sore feet!!
    Ps love the channel!!!

  13. I have had multiple serious ankle sprains, a torn ACL and I still grind it out and teach snowboarding. Trying out some shred soles would probably be a good idea🤙

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