1. Loved Tony's bit about failure, built up from many poor decisions.
    – Not making the call.
    – Not pushing yourself physically.
    – Not saying 'sorry' when you're wrong.

    The same is true for success, built up from many good decisions.
    – Going to the gym when you're tired.
    – Having that difficult talk with a spouse.
    – Taking responsibility for mistakes at work.

  2. 💥 Excellent Video, I really like his philosophy!
    👊Thanks for sharing!👏
    💭Success is something you attract not something you pursue!🎯
    💡When we learn how to reset our minds, learn to love ourselves and stop comparing ourselves with others, it’s guaranteed we become different and the new possibilities are endless!💥
    Live every minute as if it was your last! Make the most of it! 😉 Have a Successful and Happy Life!

  3. For a while my crush was a must. But you can't control another person's will and it's very easy to make them hate you. Like when someone adds a Join button and you already subscribed.

  4. Tony Robbins is many things, motivational speaker isn’t one of them. If you have ever listened to him you know motivational speaker makes him cringe. Life coach!

  5. The thing is whatever identity you take yourself to be …that's not it ……all identities are fabrications of the mind …..and so ultimately cannot bring lasting satisfaction….

  6. All of his rules for success are spot on, but the one that responates the strongest with me is #10- change your mindset – what he calls incantations, I call prayer and to me that's the strongest part of business that I can adopt and use the most. Also, #1 – changing the shoulds to musts. Again a mindset change that changes everything. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I just wanted to say Tony knows what.hes talking very Informative!I'm not agreeing to any thing right. now! NEED TO STUDY WHATS GOING ON.WHERES MY BOOKS I really need that information my brain is craving for the info.Great info sincerely Madeline

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