This Video is About Alcohol (and CBD oil)

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  1. I used to use an app called Forest for phone distraction. The less you use your phone, the more little trees grow in the app. It was good temporarily to interrupt my habits but I eventually stopped using it.

  2. the biggest difference in internet usage for me has been just deleting social media apps from my phone. so many people say they're "trying to use less social media" but don't do anything concrete that helps with that like deleting the apps. I also turned off the password autofill for those websites on my computer. I still have my computer, but I don't carry it around with me and I have to get it out, turn it on, sign in to my social media etc. it's just more steps.

  3. You are one of the only youtube channels where I watch the videos all the way through without feeling bored, even though you ramble. I've been a fan of Wheezywaiter since I was 14, but I love Wheezynews just as much because it feels like I'm having a conversation with a super gennuine person and friend. 🙂

  4. As a person who has only two problems with sleep, that is falling asleep and staying asleep and as a person with an injured back I am very keen in learning how this goes.

  5. I've taken CBD a couple of times, but i've noticed it works effectively if you take high amounts of it. i've taken it before bed and had a really deep sleep. Other times it makes me feel very mellow.

    I share your concern though it gets over sold and comes off as snake oil, I look forward to you findings.

  6. I'm trying to go a year without alcohol. I'd love to see your take on it! I can't seem to practice moderation and end up drinking a 6-pack of craft beer in one night. Sadly, I've found there are a lot of activities I wouldn't do or people I'd hangout with if alcohol wasn't in the mix. I'm having to reinvent my social life. You'll find out who your true friends are (i.e. who you can hangout with and enjoy their company without having to drink) and maybe, just maybe, find more of your 'true self' without alcohol as a means of escapism. I've been going to the gym on a steady basis to replace my urge/habit of drinking, as it relaxes me and I get a sense of accomplishment afterwards…I love your channel, I was hooked after someone shared your 'no internet' video. Thanks for being you!

  7. very interested in the internet reduction video. recently deleted all social media but youtube from my phone, and that's helped, but I still spend too much time sucked into mindless content. I find it hard to balance consuming internet content i value without clicking on things I value less/don't actually want to be spending my time on.

  8. I have some CBD oil that I use when I feel especially anxious. I used to take a daily antianxiety medication but I stopped that for a number of reasons. I've found that CBD basically just helps me chill out and stop my thoughts from getting caught in a loop and making me freak out.

  9. I dig the way your channel is evolving, the incorporation of the "why do people like" videos especially and that you're leaning toward that style for the potential alcohol vid. Feels fresh, honest and curiosity driven.
    Re: yoga video idea… do it! IMO it's an incredible tool for de-stressing and practicing intense, quiet focus even though I'm not at all attracted to the spiritual aspects of it.

  10. Your source of CBD is important. Please look around and investigate it thoroughly before you pick your brand. For me, it worked well for helping me sleep, and no side effects. I have heard that CBD oils can actually work better when they contain some THC. Something to consider. The big downside of CBD for me was cost. Melatonin never really helped me sleep, though it made it harder for me to wake up.

  11. Forgive me if this is overly critical, but is it possible for you to turn your LCD screen around after you've set up the shot? Your constantly glancing at it during your monologues is distracting as all get out! haha. Seriously, though… you don't move very much so it's not like you will suddenly be out of the screen area. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  12. I've had chronic insomnia all my life, as well as other various ailments. CBD does absolutely nothing for me. It just makes me sad that I wasted money. But drugs generally either have no effect on me or, if I'm super unlucky, just the bad side effects. Everyone's different, and even something simple that's been around for ages can have wildly different results for different people. I assume there are people who benefit, but since no one's testing it to see how much CBD is actually in it, I still see it as suspect. Just like all the non-supplement supplements people buy to make expensive pee.

  13. Craig, if you want to know more about drugs, you need to science it out. If you're hurty somewhere; you can try aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen.
    Stomach problems? Chalky stuff often helps; calcium, gypsum, talc, sand, dirt, a pound of flour or even baking soda.
    If you're sad there are medicines for that too, one of them is even alcohol.
    You can try CBD, doxepin, trazodone and heroin!
    The last one, reportedly fixes all the problems I mentioned. It is also rumored to cause several other problems.
    Cannot confirm, lacking experimental data.

  14. If you bother with the melatonin supplements you should compare them with pistachios, two pistachios are supposed to have as much melatonin as an over the counter supplement

  15. It should be really cool to try CBD oil and melatonin, I would guess that the melatonin would be better for sleep but I have never tried either – looking forward to hearing your experience!

  16. If you do a video on alcohol it might be interesting to explore the social implications of not drinking. As someone who doesn't drink it boggles my mind how many times I have to explain what is a personal choice and the assumptions people make about me because of it. A month probably won't explore that thoroughly enough but it would be interesting to touch on.

  17. I’ve been taking a low dose of Charlotte’s Web for about 6 months to manage anxiety. I find that it helps to keep me calm without impairing my functioning. Big fan thus far!

  18. You could approach it like you said as "Why do we like things that are bad for us" or more accurately "Why do we like things that can be harmful" It gives the flexibility to speak objectively from a health standpoint, but also gives the option to speak subjectively on the why for each person involved in the interview process. With several different enough answers I don't think you'll be condoning any activities, especially if you can find an equal number of people who do and do not, each with their own reasons.

  19. I don’t drink alcohol. Just chose not to. People ask me why I don’t drink alcohol and now I answer that with, why do you drink alcohol…they say, to relax, I say I can relax without it, they say to have fun, I say I can have fun without it, they say to be social I say I can be social without it…it makes people really uncomfortable when you don’t drink, they try really hard to offer alcoholic drinks to me. I think they feel threatened because they really drink to escape themselves mostly and you remind them that they could be doing way better, but they are choosing not to. In Aussie, alcohol seems to be a right of passage, not a choice but I wanted to demonstrate to my now twenty year old son you can choose to say no and still survive without it haha….nice video, you’re a good guy

  20. I have been taking it for a couple of month in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes I get nervous in the morning and stressed for no perticular reason. The head stress influeced my breathing, I don t breathe as deap and I get a tightness in the chest and tight shoulders. The CBD in the morning loosens this tighnes, which helps me feel more calm. And in the evening I do also sleep much better.

  21. I get that wheezywaiter is trying to not be pointless. but will it always be this kind of infotainment stuff, because that's not what I subscribed for. Some people will tell me to go away if I don't like these videos. I just want the Wheezy style of comedy! Please do a good comedy series on the main channel, something like Ty just a regular guy.

  22. FYI . There are cbd products that are not derived from the hemp plant . I have no point to make . i just wanted speak in absolutes for a moment . So ok then . The mustache is getting a little long though . covering some top lip . Lipage the kids call it . Or not I don't know . I probably spelled it wrong . Bye ….

  23. Do a compilation of 30 5 second videos where each day you say how you feel. Then round it off by doing a video about your compilation video. Or do one everyday for a year, or every day for 50 years.

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