THE MOUNTAIN PROJECT – EP. 1 (The Planting of The Trees)

This is the first episode of Mendo Dope’s latest full season grow series from 2017. The Mendo boys take you deep into the Northern California mountains in the …


  1. Mendo dopeeee!!! The legendary! Even out here on the east coast we hear great shit. Love y'all! Love the no till much love. Fuckin dig the truck bro. Happy growin ๐Ÿค™

  2. Like all your vids guys but fukin โ€žfish eyeโ€ in go pro is shit. Dont know why they still making that who likes that curvy effect?me not. Good work dope guys๐Ÿ‘

  3. Dudes U Were Growing Mongo +MendoDope Trees In 100 Gallon Smart Pots… WTF Is The Ethos Behind 600 Gallon Pots, Besides Expense??? Donโ€™t See The Advantages… Explain It??? Respect…

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