Buy The PCKT One Plus here (It’s actually $60, but use code SIMPLISICK for %15 off!): This video is intended for people 18 years or older.


  1. DOES NOT FIT THE CCELL CARTS! you will have to use the longest adapter for it to work. No stealth and cannot be recessed. The hole is too small (thats what she said). I prob have an older model.. but just letting people know just in case. Still love the device tho

  2. Love the design of it and love watching your channel told other fellow pa med patients to check ya out appreciate ya and be cool if did a collab with one these companies and came out with simplisick battery.

  3. Have you ever done a review on the ccell palm? If not that's what I would like to see and I'm sure others as well. I have one but I was wondering your thoughts on it. Thanks for the sicc videos I peace.

  4. Wow, I didn’t expect that price point! I thought you were going to say $99.99 definitely going to pick one of those up soon. Looks like good quality and it’s slender and small to just throw in your pocket and go.

  5. Dude, rec use should be legal by now. Just ridiculous that not everyone can get access to clean meds. Instead, we spend on money on mystery meds in the streets. Just stupid. I can’t believe that our democracy hasn’t legalized this yet.

  6. Please make a video on best quality cartridges and wax that are the most affordable(though prices vary alot and they’re usually expensive as shit like some places sell fuckin brass knuckles which is just an example btw for 60 and others for 45 some even 50 but yah Im in high school rn(Im 18 bitch dont try to arrest my chino homie) so thank you for spreading awareness on the problems with the weed industry and letting us know whats that good shit and cuz most people don’t really care and just money motivated

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