Sweven – Red Giant To White Dwarf (2019) (New Full Album)

Sweven – Red Giant To White Dwarf (New Full Album) Sweven hails from France. Red Giant To White Dwarf is their debut full album. This is killer. They take a …


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  2. For those who care: "Sweven" is an obsolete/archaic word meaning "dream", kinda makes it sound related to waves or weaving. In Dutch we say "zweven", which means "floating//drifting//spacing (out); like being high on weed".
    All very appropriate descriptions for this musick!

  3. Very nice! I've been listening to nearly all the records that this channel uploads but this one is certainly one that stands out to the others!!!!

    Great work guys!

  4. Though I like the vocals here much: I absolutely adore what goes on between the time stamps 43.23 and 46.27m. Also the oriental coloured melodie, that occurs with, and determines the last cut, sounds so majesticly uplifting like entering higher and higher realms to collaps peacefully.

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