Snoop Is Wrong for Backing NFL's Weed Rules, Says David Irving

Snoop Dogg’s claim that David Irving was “not smart” to quit the NFL in a pot-smoking blaze of glory is just “ignorant” … so says Irving who now has a message …


  1. You got to learn to play this game called life. That being said it should be legal at the federal level and no employer should discriminate for weed use. Alcohol and nicotine alone kill more people and cause way more damage to people's lives but since the government can't make mass revenue on it, it's illegal, what do you know?! Smfh

  2. This foo is stupid ass he'll he quits 4 NFL 4 smoking weed you are ignorant I've been smoking weed since 12 years old I stopped because my job that was going to pay me 20 bucks an hour that's not like compared to how much a NFL player makes but I have family to support u dumb fuck

  3. Yes Snoop dog is ignorant. Nothing but a old use to be thug drugged up rapper still trying to stay relavent. This idiot couldn't think himself out of a brown paper bag!!

  4. Irving says players should have the option to pursue medical treatments with cannabis. He believes the mental illnesses he was diagnosed with in therapy – manic depression, borderline schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, he said – have resulted from concussions at the professional level. ( how does concussions cause you to hear voices and see demons aka schizophrenia)

  5. This braindead fucking moron couldn’t pass one random drug test out of the whole fuckin year. After he passed, he could’ve smoked all he wanted until the end of the season. I guarantee you 90% of nfl players all get baked every day during the season, and they still cash their game checks. No one was telling you to quit cold turkey, fucking idiot.

  6. Rules are rules, period. You work for them and can get paid millions at that. You work hard and stay focused during the season. Then you can get high during off season! Simple!

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