sharon kelly part 2; medical cannabis oil as medication for stage 4 lung cancer

Part 2: An interview with Sharon and Neville Kelly. Sharon was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told she had months to live regardless of any treatments …


  1. bitter apricot seeds look it up they cure too many many things too i take them i grind mine start out slow 1to 2 a day adding increase slow till you reach your amount..i take 21 a day
    took me under a month to reach that amount.. some take 1 seed to every 10 pounds of a persons body weight.. some folks that got cancer take more then 21 a day after cancer is gone 6 to10 a day edward griffin ..Amen

  2. The cost would be Pennies a YEAR if they just could grow their own cannabis in their outside flower garden or vegetable garden.
    Prohibition Kills 100s of Millions Annually.

    This is not rocket science. Grow it and eat it like a salad every day.
    The only reason the cost is expensive is because of Prohibition.

  3. The Bible Says

    God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed”
    not propaganda along with deceit, just for corruption and greed
    Since the nineteen seventies the US Government has had the answer
    they've known ever since, Marijuana is the cure for Cancer

    Doctors now days aren't really in the business and taught to heal
    now they're Mafia drug pushers for Big Pharma, it's a much better
    There was a time not so long ago Doc's believed in their
    Hippocratic oath, To First Do No Harm
    but the lure of free stuff, gifts of course along with lots of money,
    now that's the real charm

    The Government says they're here to protect all us common folk
    but with complete lies and childish behavior, they're all just a joke
    Alcohol along with tobacco are the two biggest killers, and cause all
    types of disease
    so they let big business poison the land, air and rivers, while doing
    as they please

    Our lives mean nothing to these corrupt men and women.
    all they care about is money, their friends and their own children
    The laws that they write only serve them and the crony
    their so full of bullshit and completely phony

    Now is the moment and now is the time, we the people must all deride
    because of their shameful behavior, the humans of this world need to
    pick a side
    They would rather force poison on us, which I find quite odd
    all because of a healing plant given to us by God

    How can they say that they really care about us
    when you are given no option and expected to trust
    It's time for us people to wake-up and understand the true scores
    The only reason it's illegal is they all know, we'll refuse their
    false wars

    Christopher E. Kaminski 9/2/2015

  4. Please approach this with caution.
    I have tried to contact Sharon Kelly and separately to her husband Neville, and to several of her Facebook "friends," and to her uncle, and to her old school All Hallows, but nobody has responded.
    I very much hope that she is well, but in view of the lack of feedback from her for over a year, I fear the worst.
    Again, I urge Sharon or her family to post an update so that other cancer patients are not unintentionally misled.
    As someone with prostate cancer, I am not against the use of cannabis oil (I use it myself) but I do not know anyone who has had success with it, or at best, the jury is still out about it's effectiveness.
    It's very important that cancer patients do not have misleading information.

  5. can you pleeeeeze show us how to make the cannabis oil? please, I'm begging you. I have a friend with cancer. Also, how much do you take each day and does it fast bad? I saw on internet that there are different cannabis. which one did you use and where is the best to get? big thanks. please answer . maybe you can show a YouTube video on how to make. please help!!!

  6. You just gave me and my family hope! Thank you so much for your testimony.
    My father got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer few weeks ago and the doctor gave him maybe a year to live . Ever since we watch you video , he change his eating habits , no sugar, no salt a lot of juices , greens etc. He started taking cannabis oil . Right now we are just waiting . He is also getting chemotherapy . His second session was on Wednesday April 29 , 2015 . After watching you videos , we know there is hope. Thank you so much .

  7. I'm just so happy to hear your story Sharon and Neville.  Thank you very much for this video and the 1st to be able to promote natural healing for the people I know that may need this help and PROOF!

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