1. Cant stand the shit, never liked the smell of it or the attitudes of those who smoke it. It has ruined the state of colorado and ive been here 20 years so i know how much of a increase the crime and transient population is through the roof. This was the biggest mistake ever. Why should people who dont smoke it have to smell it and put up with homeless on every corner downtown.

  2. this guy is so full of shit he must have been sucking out of an elephant rectum what a dick if he wants to bitch about drug use the streets there are covered with syringes crackheads stumbling down the streets everywhere you look if these people got their hands on some weed maybe they might come down for a minute

  3. fuck me. big deal dickhead. ooooh more people growing weed. somebody save us!!
    This blokes biggest problem is someone illegally growing weed which people can then buy legally…

  4. You know whats the difference between those that smoke weed and those that don't? People that smoke weed could care less about the people that dont…and the worst side affect of all time for smokers? Going to jail because you got caught using a plant by the police or ratted out by people who are good little government brainwashed puppets.Those type of people actually believe that the government doesn't lie and that they have your best interest.LOL!Such bullshit!

  5. The issue is illegal immigration, not Cannabis. Currently, and for the last ten years or more, one hundred thousand illegal aliens cross the border every month. When illegal aliens arrive, they begin having children and immediately receive cash-aid, food-stamps, medical, and college grants. Horribly enough, but true, illegals also use Social Security Numbers that belong to law abiding United States citizens, to collect Social Security benefits and retirement, which has been a thirty year problem.
    Currently there are approximately twenty million illegal aliens in the United States; the majority using false names and false Social Security Numbers. The illegal's born here that you think are legal, they are using the false name given them by their illegal parents that came here using false names and false Social Security Numbers.

  6. Ok now let’s ask how many cases of births with alcohol or cigarettes in their systems?? Or better still how many people smoke cigarettes or drink while pregnant? The cannabis is for the nausea from morning sickness. Bad? IDK but I wouldn’t do it personally. So that being said there’s a simple solution. Now that these things are legal, have classes about these issues. They can say there’s not enough time to get the data but there’s enough. People have been smoking it forever.

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