Recipe to losing weight | Anna Verhulst | TEDxMaastricht

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Anna Verhulst (23) is a fifth year medical student at Maastricht …


  1. the only thing that bothered me is that she forgot the speech about how we should not be ashamed of our bodies at all. u shouldn't be thinking you are not enough because you are not thin (which is hard in our society). people don't need to lose weight to be in a ted talk, they need to be inspiring about self love and how to inovate your mind and the world aroud u. i missed that

  2. Summary: "People think losing weight is a simple problem (one of following a recipe and gaining success) but it is actually a complex problem (finding your own way, because not only is your body different, but so if your life)"

  3. The 15 year old girl probably went on to committed suicide after the humiliation experienced when her 100KG weight got pointed out to 1.5M viewers via Tedx Talks.

  4. I’m glad the lady lost weight and found confidence in her new appearance but I think most people will be annoyed that there really isn’t any advice about losing weight, it’s just a story about overcoming her fear of speaking about this as far as I can tell.

  5. At the moment Im really trying to lose weight, I've struggled with it for the last 4 years and it hasn't worked at all, Ive been constantly gaining weight and all around me my friends and family members are losing weight and succeeding at it. I pretend to be confident and all but people don't know how one tiny comment on my weight pulls me down just like that! But I feel that I've started accepting myself and the method that worked with me isnt going on weird diets or exercising like crazy, just eat as much as you need and be an active person genuinely..go on walks,choose steps over the elevator..simple things like that. Im not promising fast results or anything but I can guarantee this if we leave the work to our body , our body will sort out things, we just have to give it the right conditions.
    Oh and Im starting a YouTube channel next year so please check the it out if you want to hear more from me or you can contact me directly on Instagram, my username is samdollhamo
    ☁️Love ya'll and I want you to know you're not alone..just like im not, it may seem like we are but we aren't

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  7. This is the second time I watched your video. I think you can lose your fear and enjoy happiness. You brought tears to my eyes. Always be on the lookout for things that will keep you motivated. As time passes your healthy look will sink into your brain, and the previous image of yourself will begin to disappear. You're smart, brave, beautiful inside and out, really. Your accent is delightful. I'm so glad I watched you speak, I know it will help me. PS: ignore negative comments:)

  8. What she's saying is true and important, BUT the title of the video is completely (and perhaps purposely) misleading. There is wisdom here but absolutely no information. There is no recipe.

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