Purslane!🌱its not a weed its Tasty 😋Super Food filled with Omega 3s💥 protects your DNA!

Please watch: ” Non toxic polish remover That actually works! Cancer and pregnancy safe” –~– Purslane is …


  1. Btw check out Dr Barbara sturm new product on Nordstrom she said she’s found that purslane fights aging and she uses it in her new supplement! I just found that very cool since I knew about it years ago.

  2. Can you please tell me how much you use a day of that bulk supplement purslane powder? My husband said use 1/8 tiny amount in bottle of water…but it just seems like such a tiny tiny amount? Can I use more?

  3. Leda thank you so much for all your help! I know you are super busy so taking time to share the information with me that I asked for is greatly appreciated! I love your videos you were into everything that I’m into and morning formed than I am, so it’s so great when I find I’m interested in something and I go to YouTube, And Yep you have a video on it so I am learning right along on your coattails ha ha ha ha honestly thanks for all that you do you are the best

  4. Oh also do you have a code for discount for some bulk supplements.com because I could’ve sworn I’d seen one when I was first getting to know your YouTube site something with your name and I think it was a percentage off I could be wrong migraines really affect my thinking🤕🤪 lol

  5. Hi Leda 🙋🏽‍♀️, I’m Putting Together My Order For Bulksupplements.com And I’ve lost my list of supplements I have been working on for the last several weeks 🙀. Can you please help me out by sharing your list of supplements that you take on a regular basis please. We can’t have been taking a lot of the same things and I’ve also added some new ones that you have talked about that I wasn’t already taking. I’ve never ordered from bulk supplements before and I am switching over to making my own capsules in order to be able to afford to take everything I want and need to take. The only pre-package ready to take supplements that I will be still taking our my fermented multivitamins and my probiotics everything else I am going to do myself. Yet I did add some new ones that you shared with us and it would just be a lot easier for me if you could let me know what you take because I made notes for weeks from lots of videos and things I read and if you happen to have that handy what you take that would help me out a lot so I don’t have to review everything and do it again and since I’m fighting a migraine today I’d really extra appreciate it!!!! Yeah I know you are crazy busy and if you don’t happen to have a list then I don’t expect you to make one just for me ha ha. But if you do please send it my way. Sincerely your biggest fan, Mikki León 🤗

  6. I got onto it a few months ago was trying to locate in the local nurseries but they said they didnt stock it cos its a weed!! Then by chance I discovered it on the sidewalk and started picking it and hording it like a crazy ol' lady (but I'm not old). I put in smoothies and feed it to my kids who dont eat veggies. It grows well here in Syd, Australia. I find it all the time now, everywhere. Thanks for tip putting my water kefir in coconut water now. Amazeballs! Love it. Put the zingy drink in the smoothies and giggle to myself when kids drink it cos they dont know!! 😉😄 I luv ya. I think you're a bit of a fruitcake but I get u. No worries mate.

  7. Heyy. I will order the face brush soon plus the cream. I am excited. I will do upward strokes. I used a tooth brush an see a difference. Thank you for helping me. I need confidence. Lol

    I take de earth for silica. I reduced my sugar intake because it causes inflammation and wrinkles for certain people

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