1. What the hell, this is just crack. What makes them so special….? If you want to kill yourself, knock yourself out. As long as you stay away from me I could give shit…

  2. you guys make it out at least at the beginning to be some foreign new drug its just shitty base cocaine, thats all it is, less processed but the same thing in america

  3. This hit the U.S. early 2000's it was called "basura" basically the floor sweepings of the cocaine production sold to the poorest consumers. Soon it became its own demise because it does not elicit the same effect (rush) just the hook of cocaine. Many frustrated addicts just cold turkey quit when all that was offered was a sick feeling for their $.

  4. This shit is crack ain't nothing different these people are just smoking crack I'm trying to call you something else they use the ashes and the stem as well if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck it's a motherfuking duck and this shit is crack!!

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